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Cardboard & Paper




Cardboard bedding of the same brand is not always in constant supply, the bedding is produced dependant on the availability of cardboard.  We therefore offer two varieties in the hopes this will give a constant supply.

Made from new, dust-extracted cardboard, BedKind’s 100% compostable animal bedding will help your horse breathe easier.

The benefits of cardboard bedding

BedKind is made from new, premium, dust-extracted cardboard. That means that your horses live and sleep in an environment which is virtually free from the dust that aggravates respiratory disease, whilst staying warm and dry at night too.

While BedKind is perfect for horse trainers and stables, our premium bedding is also suitable for other animals such as sheep, rabbits, poultry, and rodents.


Our dust-extracted bedding helps to reduce the risk of horses developing respiratory problems, and is beneficial to horses that already suffer from Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

It helps horses that have allergies, allowing them to breathe more easily. BedKind is made from 2cm squares of clean, corrugated cardboard, a material that’s noticeably less dusty than straw or wood shavings.

In order to minimise dust, our product is also dust-extracted before it’s bagged.

Highly absorbent

Cardboard is highly absorbent, so it will reduce moisture levels, keeping animals dry and comfortable when they sleep.

In addition, cardboard is less likely to lose its structure when it gets wet so it’s much easier to muck out of a stable!

Absorbent horse bedding reduces ammonia build-up and odour, mould growth and the amount of bedding that needs replacing, making it a favourable bedding choice.

Naturally insulating

Corrugated cardboard is excellent at regulating heat. In the winter it retains heat, so you can be assured that your animals are comfortable and fully rested on even the coldest nights.

Come summer, BedKind allows for easy ventilation and keeps animals cool.

100% Compostable

Our cardboard bedding is 100% compostable so it’s a perfect way to be kind to both your horse and the environment.

BedKind breaks down quicker than wood or straw bedding because it contains less lignin – a material in plant cell walls that takes a long time to compost. Lignin is removed from wood when it is made into paper.


Not only is cardboard bedding good for horses and other animals, you get to benefit from it too.

Easy to use

Making a BedKind bed couldn’t be easier. Our 20kg bags have been designed so they’re easier to lift, carry and distribute.

We’ve also designed our pallets with ease of use in mind. Each pallet holds 20 bags that are specially stacked to be accessible, so your bedding is easier to manage in the stable. Just grab a bag and spread it around!